Bubblebee Industries Mini Brochure
A trifold A6 brochure with all the products in the range

Produced for UK professional audio distributor Sound Network, the requirement was for a small folding brochure with clever utilisation of the space to include all products in the Bubblebee Industries catalogue at the time. The mini brochures would be included in deliveries to relevant customers.

Bubblebee Industries manufactures accessories for microphones and the broadcast and film sound industries. Adhering to the Bubblebee Industries brand guidelines and due to the odd shapes of the products, new product photographs were taken to fit specifications and allow for a limited amount of text.

Each page’s copy was refined to fit as much information as possible into the fewest characters – a bit like a Tweet – to best describe the products. Sound Network’s brand, contact and website details were required without taking away from the manufacturer’s brand style.