Kanagawa University
Branding and website for Re-Orienting the Fairy Tale Conference

We were approached by Kanagawa University in Yokohama, Japan to create a website for their international conference called Re-Orienting the Fairy Tale. Branding, a poster and a website were needed to both for creating awareness and as a call for papers to present at the conference in 2017.

The website is HTML5 coded and optimised for quick loading times – a modern day imperative with more and more people accessing the web via 3- and 4G networks. Its design allows for easy reading, with serif font and a scrolling content column when viewed on conventional laptop or computer screens. It is also made to be accessible for smartphone and tablet users.

You can visit the website here.

Kanagawa University - Re-Orienting the Fairy Tale Logo

Kanagawa University Poster

Kanagawa University - Re-Orienting the Fairy Tale

Practical Information page

Organisers Page

Organisers Page and the site footer